Lets start at the beginning…

It is rather fitting that our first blog post is being written on a plane as I travel from Chicago to NYC to spend a few days with Andrew and catch up with friends!  Over the past 19+ years this has been a regular flight path as we traveled back and forth to see family and friends.  Outside of our careers in the hospitality industry, it is our passion for travel and different cultures that was a major influence on the overall theme of the inn.

We decided to embark upon this journey on a last minute getaway weekend for our anniversary.  We stayed at a charming little bed and breakfast a little over an hour from our home and went to dinner at a local farm to table restaurant.  It was there that we said we wanted to create something of our own that would allow us to work together, to use our career experience to serve others, to be part of a community, and to get back to why we went into the hospitality industry in the first place.  You will find at the inn that our travel inspirations will take you to some far off places but there are several Indiana local touches and flavors scattered throughout the inn.  It is easy to overlook the local gems that are near your doorstep and we hope that The Whittaker will connect our guests to new knowledge, people, and experiences from both near and far.  But you all will learn more about that as this blog journey continues…if I keep going down this path it won’t be a blog but rather a book!



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